Focus on tungsten alloy field for more than 30 years
Xi'an HuaShan Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company owned by Northwest Industries Group Co.,Ltd.,ChongYi ZhangYuan Tungsten Co., Ltd. and Xi’an HuaShan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., it’s a civil-military integrated co., ltd which founded in 2007.Northwest Industries Group is a wholly state-owned company belongs to China North Industries Group Corporation...


Xi'an Huashan Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-density tungsten based products,tungsten nickel iron alloy, tungsten nickel copper alloy, tungsten nickel iron molybdenum alloy, tungsten nickel iron cobalt alloy, tungsten-copper alloy, pure tungsten products.



The company is a member of China tungsten industry association ,high-tech enterprises in Shaanxi province, belongs to the third level confidential qualified corporation, has the ability to undertake scientific research and production of military equipment