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【Products Display】 Xi'an Huashan Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. Tungsten Alloy Tube
Oct 27, 2017

Product description:

W-base high-density products is a kind of tungsten based alloyW content is about 85-98% mixes with some NiFeCuCoMoCr , etc, which density is up to 16.75-18.75 g/cm3.

Tungsten alloy pipe& W, nickel and iron /copper tube It is the best material for radiation shielding, which can also be used for the pendulum for the clock and automatic watch balances, shockproof knife tools, flywheel weight etc.

Product specifications:


Outer Diameter:Φ500mm Max

Inter Diameter: Φ450mm Max

Length: Customized


W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu


W 85-98 %


16.75-18.75g/ cc


ASTM B   777-07/AMS-T-21014/AMS7725E/ Standard for other   military purpose high density tungsten alloy 


Turning state / Polishing state /Grinding state/ Sand   blasting treatment / Blackening

Product display:

Xi'an huashan tungsten alloy products (14).jpg

Xi'an huashan tungsten alloy products (15).jpg

Company introduction:

Xi'an huashan tungsten products co., ltd. company engaged in the production of tungsten alloy nearly 30 years, has cutting-edge manufacturing technique with strong R&D team, keeping an close eye to the market frontier, adapt international advanced technology, continuious innovation, has formed unique & well-rounded tungsten alloy processing technology. Until now we have many patented technology, our high performance products reached global first-class level.

Company Advantages:                                  

With powerful R&D teamstrong technical strength & rich production experience, 

providing a strong support for new products development and classic products innovation,offering  solution for customer projects.

High-performance tungsten alloys products have reached the leading domestic level

Tungsten nickel Iron and copper Iron products have reached the international advanced level of comprehensive performance

Independent research and development of tungsten alloy extrusion process can be prepared large diameter ratio parts (diameter Ф3-10mm stick)