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Product Display:Metal Injection Molding Process Products
Nov 20, 2017

Product Description:

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Products: MIM is a new component preparation technology, which is a new component processing technology that is introduced into the field of powder metallurgy by plastic injection molding technology.

MIM products not only have the characteristics of complex shape and easy mass production in "plastic injection molding" process, but also have the physical, chemical and mechanical properties close to precision casting and forging. In the process of preparing a three-dimensional complex geometric shape, Structure and high performance near net shape products have unique advantages.

MIM products such as asymmetric parts, grooves, horizontal holes, blind holes and other parts, but also the design of thread, knurling, printing, carved trademarks, superior performance, high density, strength, hardness, elongation, etc. Good mechanical properties; high utilization of raw materials, thousands to millions of parts can be mass and efficient production, the cost can be significantly reduced.

Product Display:

华山钨制品Xi'an huashan metal injection molding process products (1).png

华山钨制品Xi'an huashan metal injection molding process products (3).png

华山钨制品Xi'an huashan metal injection molding process products (2).png

Company Introduction:

Xi’an Huashan Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. is a newly-type civil-military integrated company,which founded by Northwest Industries Group Co.,Ltd., Xi’an HuaShan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and ChongYi ZhangYuan Tungsten Co., Ltd.,withregistered capital CNY 140 million(About USD 22 million).

The company focus on producing tungsten alloys for more than 30 years, is China Tungsten Association member units, high-tech enterprises in Shaanxi Province,,licensed for the scientific research and production of weaponry and equipment, has passed the GB/T 19001-2008,GJB 9001B-2009 quality management system, third-class confidential qualification etc.

Mainly produce W based alloy products,including:High performance tungsten alloys,industrial shielding,medical shielding;Tungsten alloy rod,ball,ring,tube,plate,block,grain,cylinder;Gyroscope rotor,tungsten bucking bar,collimator and all kinds of customized products;Pure tungsten grain,tungsten bar,tungsten crucible etc.Widely used in military industry,nuclear,machinery manufacturing,aerospace,industrial shielding,medical shielding,oil counterweight & sports goods etc.

The company have cutting-edge manufacturing technique with strong R&D team,currently has a number of patented technology,among,high performance tungsten alloy achieved the world-class level.

Company carry forward the spirit of “ Deligence, Confidence, credibility, win-win”,we sincerely hope to join hands with domestic and overseas friends, to creat a brilliant future together!

If you are interested in Xian Huashan Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. products, please contact us: tphs@xahstp.com or call: 0086-29-83202743 / 83202620/83203701