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Notice Of Change Of Company LOGO
Sep 19, 2017

Dear clients, partners, colleagues:

First of all, thank you very much for the trust and support of HuaShan Tungsten Products! Here, a sincere tribute to you!

In order to further enhance the company's corporate image, creating industry brand, enhance brand influence and competitiveness, the company designed to register a new corporate LOGO, since now the new LOGO officially opened.

The company's website, product promotion, technical data and employee card will be replaced with the new LOGO. During this time, the new identity and the old identity have the same effect.

New logo implication:

The new logo uses the circular shape of the earth. On this basis, the chemical symbol "W" of tungsten is combined with Huashan's first letter "H" into the circular sphere, and the conceptualized military graphics triangle is used as an auxiliary graphic, The inevitable trend of development. At the same time, the concept of the triangle and "H" to form the shape of the Eagle, symbolizing the enterprise temperament of tenacious struggle, unyielding strength and high flying.

The New LOGO


The Old LOGO