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Product Display - Tungsten Alloy Fish Pendant
Nov 17, 2017

Tungsten alloy fishing pendant: fishing pendant is used to increase fishing bait diving force, anchoring force, as well as throw away the fishing gear. Fishing sinker can be as small as 1 / 32oz (for shallow water), the smaller can be used to catch flying fish. Or as large as a dozen ounces for deep sea fishing. Fishing sinker can have a variety of different shapes, environmental problems is the choice of fishing sinker material the main problem. Fishing pendants are usually made of lead, and then hooked, often covered with soft material to attract the fish. However, in recent years, tungsten alloy is small in volume, heavy in weight and environmental friendly. They are more used for weight in sports, such as fishing sinker, golf balance weight, etc., and have gradually replaced lead plumbing. Tungsten is also used for fishing other products, such as carbide cutting knives, tungsten powder crossing fishing line. Therefore, with the continuous strengthening of environmental protection policies, other industries that use lead, such as the shielding and counterweight industries, will gradually replace tungsten.

华山钨制品+Xi'an Huashan tungsten alloy fish pendant (1).png

华山钨制品+Xi'an Huashan tungsten alloy fish pendant (2).png