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Product Display-Tungsten And Copper Products
Nov 09, 2017

Tungsten and copper products: contact point alloys and high-density alloys, tungsten-copper composites (10% -40% Cu) prepared by powder metallurgy have high electrical and thermal conductivity, good arc erosion resistance, Coefficient, high strength and hardness, etc., is the ideal contact material for manufacturing vacuum switch electrical appliances, electrical processing electrodes, electronic packaging and heat sink, rocket lance nozzle throat lining. Containing 90% to 95% W, 1% to 6% Ni, 1% to 4% Cu alloy density as high as 17 to 19, known as high-density alloys, has the following advantages: high strength, good plasticity, Corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation, machinability, electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, solderability and surface electroplating good, impact toughness and penetration ability; penetrating ability greatly enhanced than the cemented carbide, the kinetic energy armor piercing And armor material has a wide range of applications. In view of the series of excellent properties of high-density tungsten alloy, it has been widely used in aerospace (navigation gyroscope, balance block, shock absorber, etc.), the important components of the military industry (armor piercing, penetration, nuclear submarines, armor etc. ), But also widely used in machinery, electrical appliances, instruments and even medical, sporting goods and other civilian industries.