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Remember The Revolutionary History Of The Red Spirit
May 08, 2017


2017 May Fourth Youth Festival tungsten products company condolences to the war veterans Feng Buchao


To commemorate the 95th anniversary of the Communist Youth League, to strengthen the ideological and educational education of young employees, and enhance the teamwork and responsibility of young employees, May 6, 2017, Northwest Industrial Group, Xi'an Huashan Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. organized more than 70 young employees Carried out to "keep in mind the revolutionary history, the spirit of transmission red" as the theme of the regiment day activities.



90-year-old von grandfather to the young staff to tell him that time to participate in the battle, noon night 200, the shoes broke the barefoot, starry night, weeds wrapped belly, wrestling with the enemy witty story, to the young volunteers on a vivid Of the patriotism education class.






The successful completion of the activities of the May Fourth Regiment further stimulated the patriotic enthusiasm of the young employees and enhanced the sense of historical mission and social responsibility.