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Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Apr 27, 2017

W-base high-density products is a kind of tungsten based alloyW content is about 85-98% mixes with some NiFeCuCoMoCr , etc, which density is up to 16.75-18.75 g/cm3.

Product Advantages:

High density; High melting point; Small volume; High hardness; High ultimate tensile strength; Easy cutting; High elastic modulus; It can effectively absorb X rays and gamma rays (the absorption of X rays and γ rays is 30~40% higher than lead);Non-poisonous , no pollution; Strong corrosion resistance; Good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and so on.

Product Standard:

ASTM B 777-07    AMS-T-21014      AMS7725E 

Standard for other military purpose high density tungsten alloy 

Product Application: 

Radiation shielding, Weight balance, Military supplies.

Our high density tungsten alloy products are mainly divided into two series: W-Ni-Fe (magnetic) and W-Ni-Cu (non-magnetic). Tungsten alloy rod, ball, plate and other shapes are available. We also do customized products.  According to customers’ drawings, we can produce various shapes, integrate design, production with machining.


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