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  • Pure Tungsten

    Pure Tungsten

    Pure tungsten products mainly refer to that using the pure tungsten powder (tungsten content ≥ 99.95%) made into various shapes, which include all levels of pure tungsten products and all kinds of sintered, forged, tempered rods, strips, plates, blocks and the tungsten crucibles.

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  • Tungsten Heavy Alloy

    Tungsten Heavy Alloy

    Tungsten heavy alloy is a kind of tungsten based alloy(W content is about 85-98%) mixes with some Ni,Fe,Cu,Co,Mo,Cr , etc, which density is up to 16.75-18.75 g/cc.

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  • Tungsten Copper Alloy

    Tungsten Copper Alloy

    Its main composition is tungsten and copper. It made of fine tungsten and copper powder with high temperature sintering. It combines high density, high hardness, and high wear resistance of the tungsten and conductive characteristics of the copper. Always, the content of cooper is from 10% to 50% in the tungsten copper alloy products, and the remainder is W. The tungsten copper alloy properties are closely related to the copper composition, the lower copper content, the higher density, hardness and resistivity of the W-Cu alloys are. The density of the tungsten is 19.34g/cc the density of the CuW90 is 16.75g/cc, CuW50 is 11.85g/cc. So the density, hardness and conductive characteristics of CuW90 are higher than CuW50.

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  • Tungsten Alloy Counterweight

    Tungsten Alloy Counterweight

    Tungsten alloy counterweight has a lot of advantages: high density, high melting point, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high elongation, easy cutting, non-poisonous, no pollution, good impact resistance and crack resistance and so on. They are widely used in various fields. Huashan Tungsten Product provides counterweight parts which are made from high quality tungsten heavy alloys, mainly W-Ni-Fe alloy & W-Ni-Cu alloy.

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  • Tungsten Alloy Military Fittings

    Tungsten Alloy Military Fittings

    Military tungsten alloy products are widely used in military field, mainly as the bullet, armor piercing warhead, grenades, artillery, tanks and artillery etc. One of its main usage is as a kinetic energy penetrator warhead to replace depleted uranium.

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  • Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding

    Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding

    Tungsten alloy shielding part is the first choice for radiation shielding. It can be used in the medical field and industrial field. Compared with the traditional shielding materials, the shielding property of the tungsten alloy is much better.Due to its high density, the volume of tungsten alloy is 1/3 smaller than lead, but shielding property is equivalent. They are also used as collimators and shields for radiotherapy and syringe shields.

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  • Customized Products

    Customized Products

    Our high density tungsten alloy products are mainly divided into two series: W-Ni-Fe (magnetic) and W-Ni-Cu (non-magnetic). Tungsten alloy rod, ball, plate and other shapes are available. We also do customized products. According to customers’ drawings, we can produce various shapes, integrate design, production with machining.

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  • Hot Products

    Hot Products

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